raspberry & seat salt protein brownies



100g self raising flour
35g cocoa
200g sugar
150g whisked eggs [2 large/3 med]
1 tsp Salt
120g raspberries
100g butter [softened]
100g dark chocolate
60g whey protein [vanilla/chocolate]
1tsp vanilla extract
*100g chopped walnuts [optional]



1- Heat the oven to 160 C degrees [fan], 180 C conventional. Grease and line a 8” square tin.

2 - Melt together the chocolate, sugar and butter. Add salt and vanilla. Allow to cool slightly.

3 - Mix in the eggs, one third at a time, until combined.

4 - Whisk together the flour, cocoa and protein. Add these to the chocolate mixture.

5 - Scrape into your lined tin.

6 - Drop the raspberries on top and push down lightly.

7 - Bake for 25 minutes until the brownies have risen and the center has begun to crack [the edges will be cracked, and there should be a slight wobble to the center still].

**Top Tip: This recipe yields around 9-12 brownies. Depending on how many you cut you get between 10g and 12g protein per brownie [the brand of whey protein you use will also effect this].

It should also be said you can leave out the protein all together - just substitute in an additional tablespoon of flour.

Finally, for an even more protein packed hit you could stir in 100g chopped walnuts.